Whaly models

Across Canada, more and more boat rental companies are choosing Whaly boats – and it’s easy to see why. Whaly’s boats are renowned for their superb safety and exceptional sailing performance. And as a boat rental operator, you’ll be pleased to know that Whaly’s vessels require very little ongoing maintenance. Remarkably durable, they can withstand significant wear and tear. Even minor cosmetic damage like scratches are virtually imperceptible, as Whaly boats are crafted from materials with a uniform, solid coloring.

Lenght: 4,99 m / 16' 4"
Max pers: 12 persons
Lenght: 4.50 m / 14’ 8”
Max pers: 8 persons
Lenght: 2,70 m / 8′ 10″
Max pers: 5 persons